09 Collective Exhibitor - Ottoman Collection

09 Collective Exhibitor - Ottoman Collection

We know that being in business can sometimes seem like you are dealing with dozens of faceless, BIG companies, but the 09 Collective is different - our exhibitors are just like you - they know that the landscape of business ownership is tough, they know that you have to choose incredible products a=that your customers will love & that will sell well, we asked our exhibitors some questions about their businesses - here is the lowdown!

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Meet our Christchurch event exhibitors -Lorna - Ottoman Collection 

What does your job entail? 

Ownership of the New Zealand and Australian Companies.  Design and product placement is most important. Overseeing the photography and writing on the website and all social media. Most admin.

What activities set you up best for creative inspiration for your business? 

Owning my own linen store prior to producing my collection. Knowing the people on a personal level that produce my designs in Europe, investing time to visit their premises.

I love my work 😊

Best piece of advice you’ve been given in business ?

Never compromise quality in any form.. i.e. production, fabric, marketing. Customer service.

What is a great lesson from businesses that stock your brand? 

The need to educate staff selling the brand about the benefits of quality and exclusive design.

How do you switch off from work?  Can you?

I try to leave the office door closed at night however it is difficult when you communicate with European companies at work during their day. ☹ Yoga in the morning before work helps. Oh and I joined a singing class at the Sole Music Academy.

How do you plan the year ahead for your business?

Break the year down by marking the calendar with the 09 Collective events, Life inStyle Melbourne and other targeted opportunities throughout the year. Seasonal collections are planned 6-12 months ahead.

What has been hardest about the last 3 years in business? 

Because my brand is primarily produced in Europe the sea freight in particular continues to be a major problem, transiting through Singapore takes longer than pre covid. The foreign exchange rate has been unpredictable which often result in price increases.

What have you been enjoying most about the last 3 years in business? 

Isolation has allowed us to reassess the expenses we renew without giving any thought to the need in today’s market… slow down the pace we work at.

Hardest business lesson you’ve learnt.

You alone are responsible for all activities and some people have a different work ethic to you.

What is something you love things about being in The 09 Collective (or the idea of for newbies!?)

The camaraderie between the women that own their businesses…we all have similar experiences and are willing to share.

If you could choose 3 products from another 09 Collective Brand - what would they be?

French Soap: Fragrant Candles: Unique Jewellery.

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