Collection: Shopify

Shopify is user friendly & exceptionally easy to manage, even with no website experience...I have used The Shopify E-commerce platform in my business for the last 9 years, I have not only grown super fond of the platform, but very fluent in its use for a multitude of businesses, from large catalogue e-commerce, to beauty industry, retail and even trades & services.

Shopify integrates like a dream, and has so many add on options, that almost anything you can think of, will have a connection or workaound in Shopify. 

Trust me - I have used and built sites on other platforms, and for ease of use I ALWAYS come back to Shopify- especially if you are a business owner working on and in your business. 

Contrary to popular belief it works out almost on par with other platforms dollar for dollar and seems to save a ton of your time by being a platform that is intuitive and easy to navigate, both in the back end, and as a customer. 

As a Shopify Partner, I offer a range of services relating to Shopify, 

Take a look and see how I can help you either create a brand new Shopify site,(POA)  (get your business online!!)  or one of my favourite services how I can help you restyle refresh, and rebrand with our 'Shopify Stylists Sessions' 

Finally if you havent given your site the Shopify 2.0 Glow(Up) then you MUST get this done ASAP to stay up to date with Shopify's operating system 2.0

We have service options to teach you how to use your Shopify information, data and integrations at optimum to increase sales and engagement with your customers too.