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Website User Experience Rundown/ UX Rundown

Website User Experience Rundown/ UX Rundown

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My User Experience Rundown is where I complete a report of your e-commerce website from a customers perspective. 

I look at the pages and flow of your site, and create a report of what is working well and what you could possibly change from the front end perspective to make the user experience better, and to better meet the goals of your website (you have goals for your website right? If you don't read more about that here) 

I will go through the site and create a video report of this for you, giving you tips and ways to enhance the user experience, and/or suggestions as to how you as a business can utilise your site better to increase sales and conversions. 

I also send a checklist of ‘to do’s  so that you can go through your site and make the suggested enhancements as efficiently as possible! 

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