09 Collective Exhibitors - Babu

09 Collective Exhibitors - Babu

We know that being in business can sometimes seem like you are dealing with dozens of faceless, BIG companies, but the 09 Collective is different - our exhibitors are just like you - they know that the landscape of business ownership is tough, they know that you have to choose incredible products a=that your customers will love & that will sell well, we asked our exhibitors some questions about their businesses - here is the lowdown!

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Meet our Christchurch event exhibitors - Ali from Babu 

What does your job entail? 

I run product design and production here at Babu. Coming up with products, prints and fabrics for the range and implementing these with our group of factories we use. I also review all the factories and do the factory visits regularly to support production.

What activities set you up best for creative inspiration for your business? 

It is so varied. A quiet relaxed space, sometimes a bustling space of an overseas market, looking at a newborn, reviewing nature for prints, the pantone connect website.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given in business?

The numbers don’t lie. If you are not good with numbers, employ someone who is.

What is a great lesson from businesses that stock your brand? 

Every store has a different story and clientele, they tell that story through the different stock they buy from us. No one approach works.

How do you switch off from work?  Can you?

A negroni and a spa! Also my garden. I love to grow veges.

How do you plan the year ahead for your business?

I start when product needs to be in the country, then look at the yarn purchasing and production schedules with shipping to meet these dates, trade show times and production trips. Everything else around that for marketing and photography. The year goes by too fast.

What has been hardest about the last 3 years in business ? 

Stock has been so tricky. Getting enough, on time and the expense of shipping. Having to change the production schedule and plan for delays in the transportation of product has been hard. Extra stock, extra costs has been a real strain on cashflow.

What have you been enjoying most about the last 3 years in business? 

I got to stay home. Not travelling and trialling new ways of communication has been nice.

Hardest business lesson you’ve learnt

Cashflow is everything

What is something you love things about being in The 09 Collective (or the idea of for newbies!?)

Being surrounded by other like minds and creative processes. There is always something to learn and someone who inspires you.

If you could choose 3 products from another 09 Collective Brand - what would they be?

I am a big fan of Scent of Provence Fleur de Coton soap. I love the tiffany candle from Amanda Alexander and Bored George Avery Duo. So me.

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