09 Collective Exhibitors - Boston & Forest

09 Collective Exhibitors - Boston & Forest

We know that being in business can sometimes seem like you are dealing with dozens of faceless, BIG companies, but the 09 Collective is different - our exhibitors are just like you - they know that the landscape of business ownership is tough, they know that you have to choose incredible products a=that your customers will love & that will sell well, we asked our exhibitors some questions about their businesses - here is the lowdown!

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Meet our Christchurch event exhibitors, here is a bit more from Hannah from Boston & Forest

What does your job entail? 

I’m currently a one woman show so I design, manufacture, do the website, social media, packing, shipping, wholesale enquiries but have outsourced a few things like adverts and have a few contract sewers to help me when things are busy. I also do small to medium quantity manufacturing runs for other brands. Supporting the Made In New Zealand movement is something I’m really passionate about.

What activities set you up best for creative inspiration for your business? 

A clear worktable, music and coffee 😊

Best piece of advice you’ve been given in business ?

Keep the main thing the main thing. I can get too carried away making things that aren’t in line with the baby/mama/home category but I need to be patient and grow slowly and steadily rather than having too many pieces and not doing them justice.

What is a great lesson from businesses that stock your brand? Take your time choosing fabrics, make sure they are able to be re sourced for restocks. Saves retailers having to create new SKU’s, organising new photography and a lot of extra work constantly having new colours.

How do you switch off from work?  Can you?

Ha ha, I have two little ones, Boston and Forest. The minute I get home I’m thrown into mum life so yes I do manage to switch off or rather change the pace for a few hours until they’re in bed.

How do you plan the year ahead for your business?

I plan the events I’m booking in for, then the collections I’d like to release and work around those key dates.

What has been hardest about the last 3 years in business ? 

I actually launched mid pandemic so I haven’t known much different but the main thing would be the logistics in lockdowns and how tricky it was to plan and execute everything.

What have you been enjoying most about the last 3 years in business? 

Definitely the connections I’ve made with other business owners. Meeting and networking with other creatives has been such a great support. As well as interacting face to face with customers at retail events where I can see what they think of the products.

Hardest business lesson you’ve learnt.

Sometimes your favourite product isn’t loved by everyone, so I’ve learnt to start small and test each product in the market before doing large quantities.

What is something you love things about being in The 09 Collective (or the idea of for newbies!?)

I think joining in with a group of like-minded business owners will be so good as well as locking in a few more wholesale stockists. The 09 group seem really friendly, inclusive and supportive.

If you could choose 3 products from another 09 Collective Brand - what would they be?

So some products I love the look of and can’t wait to see are, seriously good chocolate co goodies. Scent of Provence soaps (I’m a sucker for a nice smelling one). And Gourmet Gifts, gift baskets look incredible.


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