09 Collective Exhibitors - Lindi Kingi Design

09 Collective Exhibitors - Lindi Kingi Design

We know that being in business can sometimes seem like you are dealing with dozens of faceless, BIG companies, but the 09 Collective is different - our exhibitors are just like you - they know that the landscape of business ownership is tough, they know that you have to choose incredible products that your customers will love & that will sell well, we asked our exhibitors some questions about their businesses - here is the lowdown!

If you haven't registered for our latest event (Christchurch June 11th & 12th ) you can do that here...

Meet our Christchurch event exhibitors - Kelly from Lindi Kingi Design 

What does your job entail? 

Jewellery Designer. Branding, Marketing, Quality control and distribution. Basically I am it! from the beginning of a product until it is shipped :)

What activities set you up best for creative inspiration for your business? 

Meditation, exercise, Museum and gallery visits. Dressing and dreaming of the perfect piece for each outfit.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given in business ?

Trust yourself. Back yourself.

What is a great lesson from businesses that stock your brand? 

The power of great packaging and display.

How do you switch off from work?  Can you?

I do find it difficult to switch off, I have a constant stream of designs running through my head and an endless to do list. Again I turn to meditation and exercise to calm and switch off, as well hanging out with my family.

How do you plan the year ahead for your business?

I structure design deadlines around 4 trade shows throughout the year and work backwards from there making sure I have new product ready for release at every show to keep things fresh.

What has been hardest about the last 3 years in business ? 

Balancing stock levels !

What have you been enjoying most about the last 3 years in business? 

Being face to face with my retailers!

Hardest business lesson you’ve learnt?

You can't please everyone, and that's ok.

What is something you love things about being in The 09 Collective (or the idea of for newbies!?)

I love that we are boutique and many of the exhibitors are also the brand owner. Sharing our highs and lows with fellow exhibitors and the encouragement given has been overwhelming. I feel so lucky to be part of 09 and I now look forward to our tradeshows. 

If you could choose 3 products from another 09 Collective Brand - what would they be?

Eeek that's a hard one as they are all outstanding! I have purchased from almost everyone hahaha

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