09 Collective Exhibitors - Bored George

09 Collective Exhibitors - Bored George

We know that being in business can sometimes seem like you are dealing with dozens of faceless, BIG companies, but the 09 Collective is different - our exhibitors are just like you - they know that the landscape of business ownership is tough, they know that you have to choose incredible products a=that your customers will love & that will sell well, we asked our exhibitors some questions about their businesses - here is the lowdown!

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Meet our Christchurch event exhibitors - Georgia from Bored George

What does your job entail? 

I am lucky to be able to perform a massive variety of tasks being the director and designer for bored George. A normal week for me may entail, designing new styles, communicating with current and new stockists, planning future marketing, preparing for tradeshows, accounting, social media, emails, and merchandising. Plus a whole lot more! 

What activities set you up best for creative inspiration for your business? 

I love to people-watch and see the way people dress, move and hold themselves. This will usually spark and idea for a style or at least a colour I think I should bring in next. 

Best piece of advice you’ve been given in business ?

FOLLOW YOUR GUT AND TRUST YOUR INTUITION. This piece of advice is something you will hear a lot but it took me a long time to learn to trust my gut over other peoples advice. you know your business better than anyone and that means you more often then not know best. 

How do you switch off from work?  Can you?

Ive never been one to know how to switch off, however I recently have discovered Reformer Pilates, and I find this to be the only time I can switch my brain off and not think about work for the hour (mostly because its so hard all I can think about is trying to get through each workout!)

How do you plan the year ahead for your business?

I plan our year in 2 sections, the first half, and the second half. I have recently brought on a new marketing manager and I'm hoping to spice up our marketing for the year! 

What have you been enjoying most about the last 3 years in business? 

There is a lot I have enjoyed about the past 3 years but the stand out would be the incredible people I have had the pleasure of meeting through business. Owning a business opened up this amazing community of like-minded people that I feel I wouldn't have been able to meet if I were in any other position. 

What is something you love about being in The 09 Collective (or the idea of for newbies!?)

I have loved being a part of the 09 Collective for the past couple of years. It has made mine and my retailer's experience of a 'tradeshow' much more enjoyable. It's a great chance to have conversations with retailers in a relaxed atmosphere, and also an opportunity to meet with other business owners and learn from each other. 

If you could choose 3 products from another 09 Collective Brand - what would they be?

Wall art by Papier HQ

Earrings from Lindi Kingi 

Hair Shampoo from Dust and Glow

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