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Brand Kit Template

Brand Kit Template

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I have built this DIY Brand Kit Template so that you can quickly and easily capture the visual DNA for your business/brand. 

This is a quick and easy way to ensure that any help you bring into your business, any contractors or employees have a quick and easy reference guide to what any communications, be it digital, social, or printed need to encompass from a visual perspective. 

If you are just starting out it is a really good way to build a brand visually too. 

Easy to use - once purchased you will receive a downloadable file with a link to a template that you can add all of your brand goodness to. 

looks pretty too - which is always helpful 

Dont be afraid to use this time and again - maybe changing your key colours per season, or most used emojis etc 

a great way to build your brands visual persona

On 'purchasing' (its FREE don't worry!)  this product you will receive an automatic download form which takes you to a link to access this template. 

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