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Reflect Wholeheartedly

Reflect Wholeheartedly

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Jump in to this business owner accountability journey with a reflection period of where you are and where you have been.

During this time I will work with you to assess you current business, passions, goals, digital + physical assets/tools, and customers and some little ideas you have had that have been burning on your mind and heart in your business for a while.

We will do a ‘wholehearted’ analysis so that we can create an accountability and contact program that is perfect for you

This includes tools for your own regular reflection and use, and an amazing opportunity to step outside of your business and look at it from a few different angles. 

It involves

  • a series of questions about you / your business SWOT  Analysis, Tools (ie working through the digital tools you use in your business(ie mailchimp, booking systems etc)  as well as understanding your assets (like LED lights or retail brands for example) and how we can use or introduce tools to increase profit margin etc ) 
  • Breakeven Calculation 
  • Loves (what do you actually love in your business 😉 ) 
  • Style (how you operate in a work environment -via online profiling tool) 
  • Ideal customers /customer avatar (great to reflect and really understand your customers ) 
  • 1hr phone session to work through all of the info. 

Allow 2-3hrs total time 

jump in reflection series (not compulsory but recommended) 

How It Works 

On purchasing this product you will receive an automatic download form which takes you through the individual steps, in addition to this you will receive a link to fill out the online profiling tool, On completion of the information I will be in touch to arrange our phone session, to go through the reflection and next steps on your Accountability Journey. 

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