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Show me how.....

Show me how.....

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Do you ever just wish someone could sit down with you (physically or virtually) and take you through a task in your business, teaching you the speedy hacks, tips and tricks to make your life as a business owner easier ? 

Things like working through database updates, importing and exporting products, setting up automations to make life easier, how to add moving pictures into email campaigns, pricing templates for products (produced/wholesale/ retail and more? )

Show me how is a great way to learn all of my little tips and hacks which get you implementing in your business faster 

a one on one session where we work through some how to's in your business 

1hr training time

free travel central Auckland 

Can also be done via phone/zoom 

On purchasing this product you will receive an automatic download form which takes you to a link to arrange bookings.  

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