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Strategy OR Implementation Full Day

Strategy OR Implementation Full Day

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In addition to my other services and products I also offer bespoke contracting services, in the form of 1/2 day or full day Strategy / Implementation in your business or business concept 

I once had a client call this 'borrowing my brain' she said she liked how my brain processes ideas and how to implement them in a realistic, time effective way ;-) 

With lots of experience across a multitude of businesses and digital platforms, my clients often are pleasantly surprised at how much can be done during these sessions. 

I have clients who use this full day in a variety of ways 


Strategy which is normally me spending time with you:

meeting planning, product strategising and development concepts, working through your year plans, marketing calendar, product development flow, plans for trade shows events and generally strategising and planning for your business 


Implementation which is where I work alone on actually implementing into your business, it could be setting up some of your digital product, working on your trello board, sending out communications from your database, designing a range of social media posts & captions, to editing your website, copywriting & so much more 

Purchase of this product is only available after we have completed another type of consultation from my encouragement and accountability range. (ie shopify build, show me how, lunch and biz chats, think tank etc) I need to have had some insight into your business prior to booking a Strategy or Implementation 1/2 day 

How it works

Select this product, choose between Strategy or Implementation or select blend of both 

Add to cart & pay 

Book via the calendar below (if you require a full day urgently and calendar wont allow booking - please get in touch!) 

I will be in touch (before your full day booking) to organise a planning call

At our planning call I will highlight anything I need from you in advance in order to get the MOST out of your full day (whether it be, logos, brand colours, fonts, images, reports, website/database access etc ) 

We will collectively decide on the deliverables for the full day and what is achievable. 

full day commences on booked date and together we make some progress in your business! 

Please note - prices EXCLUDE GST 

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