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Think Tank - Ideas Session

Think Tank - Ideas Session

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Need some creative customer focussed, sales generating ideas ? or maybe a little outside perspective about your business (either concept or current) and how you can create  products, services or experiences for your customers? 

My think tank session is a great opportunity to look at your business or idea creatively and with fresh eyes... you will need an open mind, and your commercial sense... 

This is a great in person session, but equally we can do via video call. 

Includes an audit of your website or ideas & plans and potential manufacturing or brand partners & how you can create the best outcomes for your customers. 

From there we dive in chat about your products and services, some pain points for you and your customers and the ideas will start bubbling away. 

You will come out of this session with ideas you can begin the process of  implementing into your business, begin the process of creating a product/brand, create a better customer experience, build brand awareness, or generate more revenue, with the addition of my broad mindset  and experience with wholesale and retail this is a great session to get clarity and go forward plans for your business. 


Free Travel Central Auckland areas. 

On purchasing this product you will receive an automatic download form which takes you to a link to arrange bookings.  

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