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Trade Event Tracker

Trade Event Tracker

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Are you gearing up for a trade fair but feeling a tad overwhelmed with keeping track of exhibitors, brands, and orders? We have created a simple solution for you!

Introducing our Trade Event Tracker, the must-have tool to ensure you make the most out of your trade fair experience.

At Wholehearted Agency, we know that staying organised is the key to success at trade events.

That's why we've created this downloadable tracker, which can either be printed or alternatively used in the google spreadsheet format to be used on your device at the events!

Whether you're a seasoned attendee or a first-timer, this tracker will be your go-to to hold lots of info about the amazing brands you see. 

On 'purchasing' (its FREE dont worry!)  this product you will receive an automatic download form which takes you to a link to access the two available versions


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